VFX for feature film - Water Plane 3D model that I have created for the movie Lake Placid 2. Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Shading with Mental Ray.

The Final Render

The entire model is build in Maya.

I love to make every single part and fuselage’s panel as separate geometry and by this way to keep more natural looking seams in between as well produces better light and shadow details. Every rivet and nut is a geometry that was laid out using sweep animation curves that I’ve draw using Maya Live directly over the geometry.

For the textures I’ve used a baked Ambient Occlusion which really helped in Photoshop to quickly layout all the drippings and corrosion spots. Also the body sticker lines I’ve made by drawing a curves over the fuselage and then convert the curves to a tiny tubes (geometry) and do another AO bake of the fuselage. With this new AO layer it was very easy in Photoshop just by using the Wizard Wand selection tool to quickly select the stickers interior and use that selection to control the entire color scheme at once over all different panel uv’s and there are no visible seams and easy control for fine tuning.

For the Rendering and shading I’ve used 2 DGS materials mixed using mia8layer shader. Base material with texture and very gloss reflection and coat material with more focused reflection and black diffuse.

The baked AO was mixed on Multiply mode over the Diffuse texture, also used fine tuned textures for glossiness and reflection amount to differentiate the rusty and glossy looks.

For Lighting I’ve used Mental Ray Physical Sun and Sky + Final Gather, only have replaced the environment texture, no other lights are used.

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